How should you handle your DUI case?

In Georgia, you can lose your license within 10 days of your arrest if you don't take the proper actions. Unfortunately, time is not on your side if you have been arrested for DUI. Getting ahead of your case can make all the difference.

And then there is possible jail time, probation, and fines. There is a lot to worry about in a DUI case. Even first-time offenders need to fight in order to get a best case scenario.

Regardless of whether you would like to hire a lawyer or handle your case yourself, we hope you find our guide to be useful in your situation. And if you decide you need some additional help, we are here for you.

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Ready to move forward?

Dealing with the law is hard, and picking a law firm isn't easy either. And even if you have found the right team for you, taking that next step takes effort. We are ready to help when you are ready to ask.